Large Storage Units

So you’re storing a large load, but just how much storage space do you really need? Beehive Storage’s largest storage units can take on a variety of residential and business storage loads. Under the protection of Noke Smart Entry, our climate-controlled spaces are premier choices for moisture-sensitive items and other valuables. Contact our office today to see how our large and extra large units can help ease and organize your primary storage area. Beehive Storage is your partner for all things self storage in Southborough, MA!

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A Guide to Beehive Storage’s Popular Large Storage Units


10x1510×17 Unit

This unit offers 170 square feet of space, making it about the size of a bedroom or a small garage. It is suited to store the furnishings from a two-bedroom apartment or a small house, including larger appliances, multiple furniture sets such as bedroom and dining sets, and an array of boxes. The shape and size of this unit make it especially beneficial for storing longer items like couches and dining tables. If our popular medium unit sizes are not quite enough space, this option gives you extra room to navigate through your stored items for organization and accessibility later on.

Ideal for: Apartment renters or homeowners of a two-bedroom house who need a temporary storage solution for most of their household items. It’s also a great option for business owners who are storing inventory or larger pieces of equipment that wouldn’t fit in smaller units.


10x2010×20 Unit

Providing 200 square feet of space, the 10×20 unit is equivalent to a standard one-car garage. This unit can easily accommodate the contents of a three- to four-bedroom house, including sizable furniture pieces, various appliances, plenty of boxes, and even vehicles. Its generous size allows for well-organized storage. You can create walkways between items to facilitate easier access to all corners of unit.

Ideal for: Large families looking to store nearly all their household belongings during significant home renovations or while moving. Businesses can also store large quantities of inventory or secure large equipment off their primary property in our climate-controlled options.


19x2319×23 Unit

Our largest storage unit option, the 19×23, offers more than 430 square feet of space. It is big enough to store the contents of a four- to five-bedroom house. This unit can handle extensive furniture collections, multiple appliances, garage tools, vehicles, and much more. The ample space provides the flexibility to create aisles for easy accessibility and systematic organization of stored items.

Ideal for: Those with substantial storage needs, such as families relocating an entire 4-5-bedroom household or businesses requiring extensive long-term storage capabilities for inventory, archives, or bulky equipment.


What Items Can Fit in a Large Storage Unit at Beehive Storage?

Our standard large storage units are designed to accommodate your most substantial storage needs. These spacious units offer a practical solution for storing items that simply cannot fit within the confines of our smaller or medium-sized units. Here’s a look at what types of items are best suited for a large storage unit:

  • Whole House Contents: Perfect for storing everything from a multi-bedroom house, including living room suites, complete bedroom sets, and full dining room furniture. Take advantage of large units for major transitions like relocations or extensive home renovations.
  • Vehicles & Equipment: Large storage units can house cars, motorcycles, small boats, or large sporting equipment including canoes, oversized kayaks, and horse tack. Always confirm with the facility staff regarding specific regulations and accommodations for vehicle storage in a specific unit.
  • Large Appliances: These units have enough space for big appliances such as refrigerators, chest freezers, washing machines, and dryers.
  • Oversized Furniture: If you have bulky furniture items like sectional sofas, large dining tables, extensive patio sets, or poolside loungers, you can store them here safely.
  • Business Inventory & Equipment: For businesses, these units are capable of storing large quantities of product stock, bulky machinery, or extensive filing systems that are too much for your primary office or shop space.
  • Workshop Tools: These units are also great for storing large tools and equipment used in woodworking, auto repair, or other crafts that usually require significant garage space.

Find a Large Storage Unit in Southborough, MA

Get set up with self storage unit today! Located on Turnpike Road in Southborough, Beehive Storage is your #1 choice for reliable indoor storage. Each unit is climate-controlled and protected by Noke Smart Entry, so you can rest easy knowing your belongings are secure for any duration of time. Browse our available storage units on our website, or visit us in person to talk through your storage needs with an expert. Beehive Storage is here to support you every step of the way!

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Need a Smaller Size?

See our storage calculator for an accurate storage unit size recommendation!