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Storage Calculator

Watch this quick video guide for a general idea of our storage unit sizes:


Not sure which storage size suits your needs? Beehive Pros Storage has got you covered with our straightforward storage calculator! Dive in to see the range of units we provide and what you can store in each. We’ve made it all user-friendly to streamline your storage journey.
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Small Storage Units

  • Great for decluttering your attic or basement
  • Store your seasonal belongings
  • Fits a single bedroom’s contents, including a full mattress and boxes
  • Check dimensions of large furniture like desks to ensure a snug fit

Medium Storage Units

  • Offers more space than just a full-sized mattress
  • Perfect for both individual and business needs
  • Stores items from 2-3 bedrooms, including outdoor equipment like motorcycles
  • Businesses can utilize flexible monthly rentals to keep documents and tools

Large Storage Units

  • The go-to if you’re storing items from a full house
  • Easily accommodates sizable furniture like dining sets and bookshelves
  • Ample space for household appliances and mattresses.

Our Storage Calculator

  • Perfect if you’re unsure about the best unit size for your needs
  • Helps determine the right size storage unit based on what you plan to store
  • Simply input the items you plan to store, and the calculator at the top of the page will provide an estimate in cubic feet and suggest the unit size you’ll need

Now that you know which storage unit size is the best for you, you can review our guide to online storage rentals to help you make the most of your online rental experience. If you’ve got the hang of it, head directly to rent a storage unit below!

Source: Self Storage Association