Storage Unit Size Guide

Unsure about how much storage space you really need? Beehive Storage offers tenants a complete storage unit size guide to help you understand how different units can better accommodate specific needs. By identifying the ideal storage unit size for your items, you can manage your budget more effectively and make the most of your storage space. Begin your storage experience with us today by renting or reserving a unit online.

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How Can I Find the Right Self Storage Unit Size for My Needs?

Choosing the correct storage unit size begins with a thorough evaluation of the items you plan to store. Start by cataloging your belongings, including furniture, boxes, and any oversized or unusual items. Consider future items that you may need to store as well, since your storage requirements might expand. It’s best to select a unit that accommodates all your items comfortably, with additional space to allow for easy access and organization. At Beehive Storage, our experts are on hand to provide personalized guidance and support, helping you find the perfect storage solution that fits your specific needs.

See the Advantages of Beehive Storage’s Different Storage Unit Sizes


small storage unitsSmall Storage Units

Our small storage units are designed for those needing just a bit of extra space. Available in sizes 5’x5’ through 8’x8′, these units are most similar to a small closet, making them perfect for storing seasonal decorations, a handful of small furniture pieces, several boxes, or personal items that aren’t frequently used. These compact units are an economical choice as you are decluttering or managing short-term projects.

Ideal for: Apartment renters with limited storage, college students in search of temporary storage, anyone in need of more basement/closet/garage/shed storage space to support their belongings.


medium storage unitsMedium Storage Units

Medium-sized storage units, available in dimensions 8’x10’ up to 10’x15’, offer a flexible storage solution that can handle the load equivalent of a full family room or the contents of two bedrooms. These units are large enough to accommodate bulkier items such as furniture sets, major appliances, and bicycles, as well as a substantial amount of boxes. If your home storage areas are overflowing or you’re in the midst of relocation, these units provide an ideal balance of space and accessibility. Consider a medium unit if you’re using up to a 16’ moving truck; it’s likely a perfect fit.

Ideal for: Moving the contents of a 1-2 bedroom home, small businesses needing extra inventory space, homeowners undergoing remodeling.


large storage unitsLarge Storage Units

For those requiring significant storage space, our large storage units are the ultimate solution. With sizes ranging from 10’x17’ to 19’x23’ and larger, these units can easily store the contents of a multi-bedroom house. This includes large appliances, multiple furniture sets, assorted mattress sizes, and the bulkiest and most unwieldy items you may need to store. If you’re filling one of the largest moving trucks available to rent for a major move, one of these units will comfortably contain your entire load.

Ideal for: Families in the process of relocating, businesses needing large-scale storage space, or storage for seasonal equipment.


Beehive Storage Unit Size Guide