Small Storage Units

Should you rent a self storage unit? At Beehive Storage, we know that even a small amount of extra space can make a big difference. Our small storage units are both cost-effective and versatile, perfect for clearing out a bit of clutter or serving as a long-term supplement to your primary storage. We offer a range of small storage unit sizes, starting at 5’x5′, to help you find the perfect solution for your situation. Explore our popular small storage unit sizes to determine which size can best support you.

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A Guide to Beehive Storage’s Popular Small Storage Units


5x55×5 Unit

Our 5×5 unit offers 25 square feet of space, similar to a walk-in closet. It’s ideal for storing smaller items like a few pieces of furniture, boxes, suitcases, or seasonal items. This unit can comfortably hold the contents of a small room or studio apartment, including several boxes and one or two pieces of furniture. Be careful, however, since some larger residential items, such as king-sized mattresses, will not fit into this smallest storage unit size.

Best for: Those looking for an economical solution to declutter or store seasonal gear, such as holiday decorations, winter coats, or a small mattress set.


5x105×10 Unit

The 5×10 storage unit provides 50 square feet of space, equivalent to a large walk-in closet. This unit can accommodate furniture from a small one-bedroom apartment, including items like a sofa, a small dining set, a mattress set, and multiple boxes. It’s also well-suited for storing outdoor furniture during the off-season or even a motorcycle.

Best for: Individuals or couples moving from a smaller living space, or those looking to store the contents of a medium-sized room. This size is also great for anyone needing to store larger mattress sizes, small living room furniture, or a substantial collection of boxes.


What Objects Can Fit in a Small Storage Unit?

Opting for a small storage unit can be ideal for a variety of everyday items. Here’s what typically fits well within our smallest units:

  • Electronics: Unused or older electronics, such as laptops, cameras, and gaming consoles.
  • Office Supplies: Extra office equipment and documents—particularly useful for those who are downsizing or clearing a home office.
  • Personal Items: Books, clothing, and shoes.
  • Seasonal Decorations: Holiday ornaments, lights, and other decorations.
  • Small Furniture: End tables, nightstands, chairs, recliners, and small desks.
  • Sporting Goods: Seasonal sports gear, including skis, snowboards, or golf clubs.
  • Tools & Equipment: Smaller tools and gardening equipment that isn’t used daily.


Items That May Be Too Large for a Small Storage Unit

While small storage units are incredibly versatile, certain items might be too large and would benefit from a larger storage space. Before deciding on your storage unit, measure the dimensions of your items and compare them to the size of the unit and its entryway. Here are some items typically too large for a small storage unit:

  • Large Furniture: Large mattress sizes, sofas, armchairs, bedroom furniture sets, and large desks.
  • Appliances: Full-sized appliances, such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, and stoves.
  • Bulky Sports Equipment: Larger items like kayaks, canoes, and extensive exercise machines.
  • Outdoor Gear: Patio furniture, large grills, and substantial garden decorations or statues.
  • Large Musical Instruments: Grand pianos, large drum kits, full collections of instruments.

Find a Small Storage Unit in Southborough, MA

Ready to find a self storage space of your own? If you think a small storage unit is right for you, check out our available climate-controlled storage units online to see our full selection of sizes. Each unit is protected with Noke Smart Entry to allow you to rest easy knowing your belongings are secure until you need them again. Our storage experts are happy to help you narrow down your choices to the perfect solution.

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Need a Larger Size?

See our storage calculator for an accurate storage unit size recommendation!